Things you need to know before traveling to Maldives

Things you need to know before traveling to Maldives

We are so glad you are visiting the Maldives, the Land of Sun, Sea and Sand. Indeed, the beauty of Maldives is beyond words and has captured the heart of many visitors. While it continues to be the world’s hottest holiday/ honeymoon destination, homework is required to get the most out of the Maldives. So what are the things you should consider when deciding your Maldives resort? Here are 5 important travel tips and our recommendations for selecting the best Maldives resort.Plan your trip to Maldives easily with our sample itinerary:

1.Cost & budget

It’s a realistic question. To many, Maldives could be overall an expensive affair but trust me it can be as affordable as any other island holiday like Seychelles and Mauritius. The question you need to ask is, are you planning to go all out and splurge? The beach villas are considerably affordable whilst the water villas will cost much more. Consider the meal plan you select since you will stay and dine in your resort throughout your entire trip. Some Maldives resorts offer an early bird discount. Book with us and enjoy our specially crafted and discounted packages.

2. Island size

Each island in the Maldives is one of its kind and they come in various sizes. Some resort spans several connected islands, some are big enough to be explored with a rental bike, while some are of a cozy size where everything is within reach. The smaller resorts offer more luxury and personalized service.All the resorts offer various experiences and activities for entertainment.

3. Accommodation type

The Water Villas, Beach Villas and garden villas are the main room types in the Maldives. The Water Villas extends out to the open sea, while the Beach Villas are built on the sandy beach. Do you want to step out onto a beach, or go directly into the water from your villa? Do you like the sight of palm trees, sand and sea or do you prefer a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean? Of the water villas the more luxurious ones come with their own private swimming pool. Our clients will enjoy both beach and water villas during their stay.

4. Meal plans

Meal Plan is another concept you have to know before your Maldives trip. The most common meal plans available in the Maldives are Half Board, Full Board and All-Inclusive. All are buffet style though one can order from the a la carte menu if not on these meal plan. For half board option, you will be charged separately for lunch since lunch is not included. For full board, you will be served with water during meals and all-Inclusive option consists of 3 meals and free flow of both soft drinks and alcoholic beverage. You will be served with drinks outside of mealtimes.Just to note, food and drinks (especially alcohol) can be quite costly in the Maldives.

5. Accessibility from Male

One of the distinctive features of Maldives is most visitors will experience a transit journey once they arrive at Velana International Airport in Male before finally arriving at their resort. Depending on the location of the resort and its distance from Male, the transfers are either in speedboat, seaplane or domestic flight. The transit time varies from a 10 minutes boat ride to an hour’s plane ride.If you prefer to feel the exclusiveness of Maldives, a distant resort only accessible in a seaplane would be suitable. All transfers are timed and our travel consultant is handy to guide you accordingly.

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